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Panthers Temporary Tattoo

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  • Get 5 for $0.41 each and save 41%
  • Get 10 for $0.35 each and save 49%
  • Get 100 for $0.28 each and save 59%
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  • Get 10000 for $0.06 each and save 91%
size: 2" x 2"
Panthers Temporary Tattoo
Panthers as mascots are almost always black, even though they come in many different colors including white and spotted. In fact, the word panther comes from the Greek word for large spotted cat. The Panther mascot temporary tattoo features the sleek cat hunched and ready to pounce, with narrowed eyes indicating an attitude of calm resolve. Panthers are famous for being silent stalkers, using the element of surprise to make their conquests easier. Panther supporters and players with panther mascot temporary tattoos are sending their opponents a subtle yet deadly message: you may occasionally win, but in the end, victory will be ours.
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Size Small
Short Description size: 2" x 2"