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Glitter Multicolored Butterfly Temporary Tattoo

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size: 2" x 2"
Glitter Multicolored Butterfly Temporary Tattoo
Powerfully feminine, this glitter butterfly is the symbol of transformation and renewal. An ancient symbol of rebirth, and used in Japanese culture to signify womanhood. The glitter butterfly temporary tattoo is ideal for a girls' night out, a special celebration, or parties. The colors blue and purple are also symbolic. Blue represents tranquility, while purple is the color of royalty and signifies mystery. What better way to honor the mystery, royalty, and beauty of being female could there be? These tattoos make ideal gifts, fundraisers, or party accessories. Choose to wear the temporary tattoo anywhere you wish, from an ankle to the arm, or neck to the lower back. Experience the power of femininity with this beautiful glitter butterfly temporary tattoo.
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Short Description size: 2" x 2"