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Glitter Black and Pink Rose Temporary Tattoo

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size: 2" x 2"
Glitter Black and Pink Rose Temporary Tattoo
The rose temporary tattoo is worn by both mean and women to signify love, promise, hope, beauty, and new beginnings. This rose is featured in pink, a color of love, passion, and power. The green foliage is also significant, for it is the color of nature and is calming and soothing. Together, the rose and the colors tell a story of a powerful natural love. It could signify the love of a mother for her child, a woman for her lover, or a sister for her brother. Absent of thorns, this rose speaks only to the good of love, turning its back on everything negative. It is ideal for the back, upper arm, shoulder, ankle or calf, and makes a perfect gift for someone special.
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Size Small
Short Description size: 2" x 2"