5 Tips for Temporary Tattoo Fun at Kids Parties

kids birthday partyEvery parent wants their child’s birthday party to be unique and memorable and there’s a lot that goes into planning for a birthday celebration, from choosing activities, to sending invitations, and  of course selecting the right cake. Temporary tattoos are a low cost way to add an interactive, personalized element to your child’s celebration. Here are a five tips for keeping kids involved and entertained during your next party or get together using temporary tattoos.

1. Match Your Party Theme

There are temporary tattoos available to match with any party theme, whether it’s sports, the beach, princesses, or even your little one’s favorite Disney movie. Try to select designs that color-coordinate with your balloons, tablecloths, and other decor.  Many temporary tattoos are printed as sets, with a handful of related designs on one sheet. When you purchase tattoos, go ahead and cut out the individual designs.  Trim your temporary tattoos as closely as possible to the art itself.  This will minimize the amount of adhesive that shows around the image.

2. Let Kids Personalize

Mix and match the types of temporary tattoos you have available at the party to allow kids to fully express themselves. Select tattoo designs that highlight common hobbies and interests and grab a few sheets of alphabet letters too, to spell out names or initials. At the party,  you can display all the tattoo choices in a big bowl or on a bulletin board, to make it easy for kids to find a favorite design.

3. Decorate Plasticware with Tattoos

If you are using plastic ware for cups, bowls, or  plates, then kids can even decorate their own plates and glasses as part of the fun.  And, if you let each child choose his or her own design for the day, there will be no mixing up glasses!  Quality temporary tattoos are safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and made with only FDA certified colorants, but it’s best to put the tattoos on the outside of your tableware and not directly on surfaces shared with food.

Disney Temporary Tattoos

How to Apply Temporary Tattoos to Plasticware

  • Make sure your serve ware is clean and dry.
  • Carefully remove the protective sheet, and apply the image to your dish or glass.
  • Hold a wet cloth against the back of the tattoo and press firmly, making sure to wet it thoroughly.
  • Wait 30 seconds, then peel off the paper backing.  Blot carefully with a dry cloth.

4. Set Up A Temporary Tattoo Station

If you have help from older kids or other parents at the party, then set up a temporary tattoo station or ‘booth.’ Create a sign so kids know where to go to get their tattoos. Tattoo application can be a really fun and less messy alternative to face painting. Remember to include a bowl of water and a few washcloths. In case someone changes their mind or applies a tattoo incorrectly, you may want to have cotton balls plus rubbing alcohol, baby oil, or hand sanitizer nearby for easy removal.

kids tattoo booth

5. Send Guests Home with Temporary Tattoo Party Favors

Along with candy and toys, temporary tattoos are the perfect item to add to a party favor or goodie bag. The tattoos are cost-effective, light weight, and easy for kids to share with their siblings or parents at home.  You can even use alphabet letter tattoos to spell out each party guest’s name for a really personalized party favor.

Have you incorporated temporary tattoos into your child’s party? Please share any tips or creative ideas in the comments below.



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